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Japanese crossword «Bucket»

Size: 30x25Picture:8/10Difficulty:4/10Added:28.11.18Author: Kimi_Raikkonen

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Corpore (7 December 2018, 10:45) complain
Simple and good Reply
Karal_Daskin (7 December 2018, 11:06) complain
Good Reply
William_Graendel (7 December 2018, 17:07) complain
Bucket!?!?! You mean pan. Maybe a sauce pan?
deidaq (7 December 2018, 22:31) complain
Not sure how accurate the title is. Reply
Karl_Kelley (9 December 2018, 2:49) complain
Very nice picture, however
I think that the word bucket was a poorly translated word from another language. The word here is sauce pan
Jose_Duran_Granados (9 December 2018, 8:29) complain
Good Reply
Jefff (9 December 2018, 19:15) complain
Very nice and satisfying. Reply
Femme_Appeal (14 December 2018, 4:19) complain
What's funny about the mistranslated discussion is; in some parts of the US it wouldn't even be called what that.
Sauce pan is certainly in use, but on one side of my family a pan was the flat round thing you used to make a pancake or grilled cheese - which obviously is otherwise called a skillet. But the taller round cooking container, that you made spaghetti sauce in, was a pot. Sometimes cook pot or cooking pot, but definitely not pan. And there's a certain onomatopoeia to pans being flat, much how there's an onomatopoeia to skillet sounding a bit like butter hitting a hot skillet.
In fact, I think that it's incomplete to say that American English and British English are different, as if that actually addresses the inconsistency. Because what I think happened is that the farther out we spread, the more our accents flattened out, and the more likely we were to alter which existing words in English we used to fit the onomatopoeia scheme that was already in place. Reply

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