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Japanese crossword «Cherry»

Size: 15x15Picture:7/10Difficulty:5/10Added:06.03.19Author: Maxinus

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Bradley (7 March 2019, 6:48) complain
Nice challenge! I might have been overly tired when doing it but I struggled on this one. The picture is ok. Reply
Alicia_Butcher_Ehrhardt (7 March 2019, 7:09) complain
Wow. For such a small puzzle, it was a real challenge. Good job! Reply
Sarei (7 March 2019, 12:05) complain
Indeed not as easy as the size might suggest! Reply
Corpore (7 March 2019, 14:48) complain
Difficult for so small a puzzle. Good Reply
Fenris (7 March 2019, 20:52) complain
huh, neat. I struggled through it, and kept wondering why such a small puzzle was so difficult. Afterwards I look at the comments and find that it wasn't just me. Reply
Alyaa (8 March 2019, 14:01) complain
It's was hard! :D I had to use the hints and even whit them, I struggled, haha! Thanks, nice challenge! I'll replay it later :p Reply
Guest: CommenterGr (14 March 2019, 12:12) complain
wow i have solved bigger puzzles easier. had to use hints cause there was no clue after some points, not sure if it was the puzzle lacking clues or me who couldn figure it out. love nonograms! Reply
Guest: ZEV ELLIOTT (24 March 2019, 15:41) complain
fun Reply

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