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Japanese crossword «Dracula (Asleep)»

Size: 18x15Picture:6/10Difficulty:4/10Added:21.03.19Author: JimboP

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Sarei (22 March 2019, 0:00) complain
Surprise! :-) Reply
Gloa (22 March 2019, 0:17) complain
Funny and creative Reply
Alicia_Butcher_Ehrhardt (22 March 2019, 1:15) complain
A lot more work doing it the other way. Good joke. Reply
Corpore (22 March 2019, 9:36) complain
Funny Reply
JayH (22 March 2019, 17:56) complain
Wait -
is that a cross on the lid? How would he ever get back in?
Still, very nice job. :) Reply
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Author JimboP (22 March 2019, 18:07) complain
Funny you should mention that, Jay. When I checked out images on the net, most of Dracula's coffins had crosses on them. I thought the same thing, but I like the image with the cross on it much better. 8^) www.amazon.com/VAMPIRE-JEWELRY-TRINKET-HALLOWEEN-SANCTUARY/dp/B00C8YX1YI
pfh (22 March 2019, 19:01) complain
sneaky haha Reply
1101 (22 March 2019, 23:15) complain
Lovely! Reply
brumeux77 (23 March 2019, 21:55) complain
Love it! And almost to the end I was sure it was a breaching whale. Reply
Guest: ZEV ELLIOTT (24 March 2019, 15:12) complain
fun to do Reply
war_duck (25 March 2019, 21:32) complain
funny Reply
Guest: mymyselfandI (14 May 2019, 10:24) complain
beauty Reply
Alfiebeau (14 June 2019, 5:10) complain
To me it looked quite like a horse's head or skull until I checked the title and the thumbnail. Nice, though. Reply

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