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Japanese crossword «King penguin»

Size: 19x26Picture:6/10Difficulty:3/10Added:15.04.19Author: Kiteto

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Markley (16 April 2019, 0:15) complain
Easier to see the image when zoomed out. Reply
Alicia_Butcher_Ehrhardt (16 April 2019, 4:28) complain
Game of
thrones. Reply
Corpore (16 April 2019, 8:00) complain
Fine Reply
Sarei (16 April 2019, 11:46) complain
At first I was seeing a fireplace but than I discovered the sweet little creature! :-)
You have your own different style, and I like it! Reply
John_Robertshaw (16 April 2019, 12:38) complain
Even when I had finished it - I could see an excellent
retro juke box
The title made me look again - excellent
image Reply
Noobz (16 April 2019, 18:01) complain
I can't see whatever you guys are seeing. Can someone please give me perspective? All I can see is a sad Pac-Man ghost inside a chimney that is wrapped in a cloak with a crown floating above the crown (yeah, the top of a chimney is called a crown). Reply
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Noobz (16 April 2019, 18:03) complain
Either that or a really angry Beaker Muppet with Cyclops visor on. Reply
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beckzaca (17 April 2019, 14:06) complain
First of all, both of those speculations are really imaginative haha! I can see the Beaker one clearly!

Secondly, if i use the Beaker reference to relate to the true image, then the
top of Beaker's head/hair would be the top of the throne and just under the visor is the top of the penguin's head. The penguin's eyes are heart shaped. I hope that helps! Reply
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Noobz (17 April 2019, 23:40) complain
Haha, yeah, I was a little loopy at the time :P Thanks, that did help. That was really hard to see! Reply
swford (17 April 2019, 23:18) complain
I love reading all of your comments! You make me smile and you make me think.
This site has such a creative following, both in the puzzle-makers and the puzzle-solvers. What fun to be part of this. <3 Reply
Puzzled (18 April 2019, 1:37) complain
It's fun. (Though I did expect R2D2 for a while) Reply
Karal_Daskin (27 June 2019, 10:50) complain
Lol Reply

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