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Japanese crossword «Proud Horse»

Size: 14x13Picture:6/10Difficulty:3/10Added:01.06.19Author: User123

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edenenby (2 June 2019, 0:21) complain
very simple but the picture is quite nice. perfect for complete beginners Reply
Guest: LiaD (2 June 2019, 0:49) complain
Can’t see a horse, a peculiar cat maybe Reply
Fast - and a good use of space. I can see the title clearly, and it's even better at thumbnail size. Reply
ene (2 June 2019, 6:43) complain
Very well suited for beginners, and very nice picture. Reply
legory (2 June 2019, 7:12) complain
it took me a bit to see, but i get it now. my friends thought it was a muppet or a "weird snake" though lol Reply
Corpore (2 June 2019, 9:06) complain
Mega easy Reply
Guest: LiaD (2 June 2019, 18:39) complain
Can see the horse in thumbnail Reply
SonOfOrpheus (3 June 2019, 7:19) complain
Couldn't see what it was until after I saw the title, but then it snapped in place! Reply
TheGreenMan (3 June 2019, 19:47) complain
Nice Job. Thank you. Reply
Jarrod (4 June 2019, 8:59) complain
Thought that one was a sewing machine. :) Reply
beckzaca (4 June 2019, 15:50) complain
What even is this lol Reply
sarahpoz (5 June 2019, 17:54) complain
Can someone tell me where to look so I can see it? It's not coming together for me Reply
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sarahpoz (5 June 2019, 17:54) complain
nevermind! thumbnail made it clear. Reply
allylovesyou (6 June 2019, 20:48) complain
This was a very simple puzzle in my venture through the completion of nonograms. Picture took a little while to see. Reply
Liat (6 June 2019, 21:57) complain
I thought it was a FlorkOfCows sock. XD Reply
Lancer (21 June 2019, 14:08) complain
Saw some kind of monster here, like from Nickelodeon cartoons :) Reply
Sdawg_Colorado (15 July 2019, 10:36) complain
Thumbnail only way to see Reply

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