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Japanese crossword «Dolphin»

Size: 25x28Picture:8/10Difficulty:4/10Added:04.07.10

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Guest: guillermo (14 May 2015, 19:56) complain
orca Reply
froghopper (6 July 2016, 20:54) complain
More orca than dolphin Reply
nonolearner (2 November 2016, 19:44) complain
clearly an orca Reply
Shaggz (24 November 2016, 9:28) complain
While the coloring does make it look like an orca, the overall shape of the body does look more like a type of dolphin. Looks like somebody's been mixing their animals together again. Reply
Femme_Appeal (12 March 2017, 11:02) complain
This isn't even mixing animals, it's a weird fake one. The body shape and thinness does resemble more of a bottlenose dolphin than an orca. But neither of those animals has a set of bottom fins or a break in their top fin. And the head looks nothing like a bottlenose dolphin.

FTR - Orcas actually are members of the dolphin family. So it's important to specify that you're talking about comparing it to a bottlenose dolphin - the type of dolphin most of us associate with the word. Because technically an orca is a dolphin.

But more to the point, if anything this picture looks more like a catfish than any ocean dwelling mammals. Reply
Jose_Duran_Granados (12 January 2018, 8:33) complain
Good Reply
Otelia_Dean (30 April 2019, 11:30) complain
critical audience :) I enjoyed the puzzle, thanks Reply

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