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Japanese crossword «Cat»

Size: 38x30Picture:10/10Difficulty:7/10Added:05.12.18Author: Slavinella

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Maluca (6 December 2018, 6:27) complain
Need a lot of work. Reply
Guest: No One of Consequence (6 December 2018, 7:01) complain
Nice puzzle. Reply
swford (6 December 2018, 17:29) complain
Beautiful! Quite a challenge, but worth it! Reply
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swford (6 December 2018, 21:13) complain
The thumbnail is really good! Reply
Corpore (7 December 2018, 11:22) complain
Took a lot of time, nice pic though Reply
Henrich (7 December 2018, 19:35) complain
J'adore des chats! Reply
ndhHardy (7 December 2018, 19:47) complain
Beautiful picture. Easy to start, but then becomes difficult! Reply
skarabee (7 December 2018, 21:57) complain
it takes patience but the result is superb Reply
FellHarbor (8 December 2018, 23:03) complain
It took quite some time and patience, but definitely a remarkable image. :3 Reply
B_Duncan (9 December 2018, 10:43) complain
Tedious. Love the eyes. Reply
Koralek (6 January 2019, 5:56) complain
Lovely pic! Reply
GraceS (9 January 2019, 4:14) complain
WOW, so beautiful!!! I can hear the purring now! Reply
Guest: meow (10 January 2019, 1:44) complain
Great image, not too difficult. Thanks. Reply
szwejk (11 January 2019, 5:16) complain
The only nice thing in this puzzle is the picture. It's tedious and boring. Most of the work was just checking which groups of consecutive colors are not finished and finishing it. Most movements are one or two stars difficult. Only the final part was a bit more difficult. Nevertheless, thank you Slavinella for your work and great picture. Reply

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