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Japanese crossword «Rubber Ducky»

Size: 10x10Picture:8/10Difficulty:3/10Added:12.04.19Author: Lilly

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Bradley (13 April 2019, 0:47) complain
It was a fairly fun small puzzle. I'm not a fan of
the black border around the picture, it's too small for it
Qsi (13 April 2019, 7:14) complain
I think It's very cute.

The black line works very well with it, shockingly. Reply
The-Gram (13 April 2019, 7:57) complain
Less border would be better.Spoiler alert didn't work for me so I had to reword this statement Reply
Corpore (13 April 2019, 9:21) complain
Fine Reply
Alyaa (13 April 2019, 12:30) complain
So cute! Thanks :D Reply
Al-e (13 April 2019, 14:11) complain
Cute, thank you Reply
sweetstuff6789 (14 April 2019, 3:07) complain
I must say,
I'm awfully fond of this one!
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JayH (15 April 2019, 4:54) complain
:) :) Reply
Code_Master (15 April 2019, 6:12) complain
You make bath time so much fun
AniW (15 April 2019, 22:30) complain
the little puzzles are often so lacking, but i'd say this is one of the best 10x10s ive ever seen. thx for sharing.

andrea Reply
Sarei (16 April 2019, 10:15) complain
So good and cute for 10x10! Reply
GulfCoastGuppy (16 April 2019, 19:29) complain
Cute! Reply
Giuliano (10 June 2019, 15:07) complain
Nice! Reply

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