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Japanese crossword «Oak leaf»

Size: 14x20Picture:6/10Difficulty:3/10Added:06.07.10

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Guest: ggg (7 August 2014, 8:33) complain
what is that?! Reply
Guest: ybb (11 November 2014, 16:38) complain
leaf Reply
Guest: guillermo (31 March 2015, 0:55) complain
amoebe Reply
Guest: science yo (19 June 2015, 0:48) complain
oak leaf Reply
Guest: Hamflaps (15 March 2016, 9:30) complain
Historically, in the British Isles, extra babies were wrapped in oak leaves and given to the Vikings as snacks to appease them. Reply
Palouday (15 November 2016, 7:05) complain
Note to Hamflaps: I hope your comic genius has been "discovered". You really could be a comic writer. Some of your comments are brilliant. Keep at it! Reply
Bec (17 February 2017, 0:02) complain
I thought until the last minute that it was a very bad lizard. Reply
Karal_Daskin (22 February 2018, 9:36) complain
Good Reply
Prikichi (2 August 2018, 23:47) complain
Honestly, this leave could use some work Reply
Prikichi (2 August 2018, 23:48) complain
Leaf Reply
Alicia_Butcher_Ehrhardt (23 September 2018, 1:29) complain
The thumbnail is quite good - we had lots of these. Reply
Merl (8 November 2018, 23:50) complain
Good! Reply
kkezir (30 January 2020, 0:11) complain
:-) Reply

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