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Japanese crossword «Girl»

Size: 20x25Picture:8/10Difficulty:5/10Added:17.07.10

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Guest: ggg (2 September 2014, 14:33) complain
The hint feature gave me an impossible solution related to the 545 line. It decided the leftmost 5 intersected a 1 from the 112 line when it was still impossible to discount an intersection of the 2 instead. Reply
Guest: Corpore (12 August 2015, 13:12) complain
Jumping Reply
Guest: frida (28 September 2015, 15:30) complain
i was sure it was going to be an insect! was soo surprised when i realized that it was a little person with pig tail braids jumping ropes. cute! fun! interesting! Reply
David_King (8 September 2016, 21:21) complain
Lovely action picture! Reply
Christiana_Bradshaw (10 September 2016, 12:27) complain
Wonderful, and unique :) Reply
Jose_Duran_Granados (6 January 2018, 8:23) complain
Good Reply
Alicia_Butcher_Ehrhardt (12 October 2018, 3:39) complain
Saw what it was, but still had to work the end out carefully. Cute. Reply
Karal_Daskin (22 January 2019, 15:45) complain
Neat!! Reply
wgdehaan (8 June 2019, 3:05) complain
Very very cute - love it! Reply
Selimnon (12 January 2020, 3:44) complain
Cool and very innovative! Reply

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