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Japanese crossword «Crayfish»

Size: 27x19Picture:8/10Difficulty:7/10Added:20.08.18Author: Slavinella

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Prikichi (21 August 2018, 3:29) complain
I get 2 for the price of 1, as before I read the title I saw a
fish with his head to the left
I am not sure why you added the top 6 rows as they are a complete separate puzzle that could only be solved when the bottom part was solved. Maybe artistic freedom?
If you did it to make the puzzle more difficult you succeeded in my case. I heard my brain cells move to get to the solution :-) Reply
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Prikichi (21 August 2018, 3:30) complain
Never mind the question, I saw it in the thumbnail :-) Reply
Palouday (21 August 2018, 20:01) complain
I did the left side first. "This one's a anteater," I confidently said to myself. Reply
Corpore (21 August 2018, 20:23) complain
Good Reply
Greer (22 August 2018, 5:36) complain
Nice Reply
Sheryl_Hill (22 August 2018, 20:39) complain
Really enjoyed the challenge! Thank you, Slavinella! Reply
Jose_Duran_Granados (30 September 2018, 8:30) complain
Good Reply
Stephanie_Cummings (23 September 2019, 3:22) complain
gonna be honest. I had to use a hint on that one. Reply

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