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Japanese crossword «Pawn»

Size: 20x35Picture:7/10Difficulty:4/10Added:06.09.19Author: seans

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Ruth (7 September 2019, 1:15) complain
We will soon have the whole set Reply
Liv (7 September 2019, 9:10) complain
Well done! Reply
Corpore (7 September 2019, 12:36) complain
Very good Reply
Sheryl_Hill (8 September 2019, 18:35) complain
We are so lucky to have puzzles by an artist like you, seans! I love your black-and-white puzzles!
спасибо!!! Reply
Guest: BC11 (13 September 2019, 2:50) complain
This is very nice. Is seans really just one artist? Some of the others puzzles from this set don't quite match the nice reflections of this one. Hmmm... Either way, thanks for making puzzles for us. Reply
Sheryl_Hill (16 September 2019, 9:40) complain
BC11: click on Authors to see a list of artists. It takes awhile for new artists to master this form.
If you click on the artist's page, you can see if s/he made comments and in what language. Most are in Russian. Reply
show: 2 🗨
brumeux77 (21 September 2019, 19:59) complain
I keep seeing your comments about the author's language. But when I click on the author the only personal information I get is gender. The rest is all registration date and puzzles solved and such. Reply
show: 1 🗨
veso (6 October 2019, 0:30) complain
If they made russian comments too on their profile you will see something like:
"Total comments: 6 [ search ] (+196)" The +196 ones are comments in russian on the russian version of this site (https://www.nonograms.ru). Reply

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