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Japanese crossword «Old enemys»

Size: 20x15Picture:8/10Difficulty:4/10Added:08.11.19Author: Yvan

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The-Gram (9 November 2019, 3:37) complain
Help please.
I see the one on the right (as I am looking at it) But not the one on the left.
Alicia_Butcher_Ehrhardt (9 November 2019, 6:53) complain
Could that be a
skunk on the left, facing left with its tail raised to the cat on the right?
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The-Gram (9 November 2019, 8:39) complain
I think you are on to something. Reply
bamachile (9 November 2019, 7:09) complain
Spoiler alert
It's a vacuum cleaner
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Author Yvan (9 November 2019, 13:16) complain
You're right he's the one on the left Reply
nemo11 (9 November 2019, 13:53) complain
Check out the thumbnail! Reply
Donncomma (9 November 2019, 21:03) complain
Looks like car exhaust! Reply
Sheryl_Hill (10 November 2019, 7:52) complain
Clever! Thank you!! Reply

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