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Japanese crossword «Congratulations! Became on one more!»

Size: 20x15Picture:8/10Difficulty:5/10Added:08.11.19Author: Yvan

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The-Gram (9 November 2019, 8:38) complain
I'm totally lost on this one. Any help out there? Reply
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Arestion (9 November 2019, 12:17) complain
I see a stork with a baby
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Author Yvan (9 November 2019, 13:17) complain
You are right. Reply
The-Gram (9 November 2019, 18:27) complain
Thanks, I see it now. Reply
John_Robertshaw (9 November 2019, 12:48) complain
Yep stork it is!
Al-e (9 November 2019, 14:23) complain
Nice, thank you Reply
nemo11 (9 November 2019, 14:49) complain
Check out the thumbnail! Reply
Corpore (9 November 2019, 18:32) complain
Very good Reply
Sheryl_Hill (10 November 2019, 9:19) complain
Amazing! Reply
brumeux77 (17 December 2019, 20:10) complain
Great puzzle, Yvan. One of your best, which is high praise indeed.

On another note, I greatly admire anyone who can speak English as a second language, since it has to be the most ridiculous language on earth. (How else can you explain cough, rough, though, through, bough; not to mention ought.) That said, the "on" in the title doesn't belong there. Or you could say "Congratulations on one more!", which is probably better.

Thanks for all you do. Reply
David_King (6 April 2020, 9:48) complain
Another startling and original image. You're an artist, Yvan - spasibo! Reply
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