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Japanese crossword «Bolt»

Size: 15x15Picture:9/10Difficulty:4/10Added:22.05.20Author: Vlan

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3strikesurout (22 May 2020, 23:46) complain
I like the way this looks! Reply
John_Robertshaw (23 May 2020, 0:37) complain
This is NUTS - If you follow my thread of thought? (Don't want to throw a spanner in the works). Reply
ibun323 (23 May 2020, 1:57) complain
Nailed it!
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The-Gram (23 May 2020, 8:30) complain
No you can't. You have to wrench the answer out, not hammer it. Reply
The-Gram (23 May 2020, 8:32) complain
Tricky when using no Xs, but then everything falls into place and everything tightens right up. Reply
nemo11 (23 May 2020, 12:16) complain
Surprisingly effective image - and, no, there are no more puns left in the toolbox! Reply
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msat (23 May 2020, 18:46) complain
Hmmm... not to ratchet things up, but I think Vlan is screwy! Reply
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Author Vlan (25 May 2020, 6:47) complain
I do not understand. Is there any claim to the picture or the name? Reply
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brumeux77 (26 May 2020, 5:46) complain
Just people being silly. Throwing around related words that can have other meanings in English. Reply
JayH (26 May 2020, 19:48) complain
Hey now, msat, no need to torque him off! Reply
kkezir (23 May 2020, 17:46) complain
:-) Reply
tiagoamorim (24 May 2020, 2:40) complain
Very good!! Reply
torwul (24 May 2020, 7:14) complain
That waas not too hard to come around.I liked it. Reply
nthpijots (24 May 2020, 12:12) complain
Oh! The puns! How can I follow this thread? Reply
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JayH (26 May 2020, 19:47) complain
They do present a bit of a twist. Reply
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