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Japanese crossword «Dolphin»

Size: 30x20Picture:7/10Difficulty:4/10Added:21.01.21Author: seans

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John_Robertshaw (22 January 2021, 2:37) complain
Message for seans.

Hi seans - great work as always! I know that you put an awful lot of effort into your puzzles and that you love to do them in series by subject matter.

What you probably don't realise is that this can be a bit frustrating for your solvers - in that we can guess what the subject is before we start.

Can I suggest that you mix it up a bit?


We have had 1000 butterflies, 500 flowers, 200 snails & we are now on to dolphins.

Your work is excellent - but please, please give us a break???
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msat (23 January 2021, 5:33) complain
Hmmm... I was just coming to comment that we've sure seen lots of these recently but that I'm really enjoying them!
jannetlmao (24 January 2021, 15:49) complain
I mean I get the frustration, but I also don't. I enjoy solving the puzzles for the puzzle. It doesn't really matter to me if every single puzzle on the site has the same subject matter because I'll enjoy solving the puzzles regaurdless.

I feel like seans should just be able to make what they want, why hinder their creativity to meet the expectations of the solver?

And anyhow it isn't as though all of their puzzles have been dolphins, or at least the ones I got around to solving lol.
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