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Japanese crossword «The Motherland Calls»

Size: 29x97Picture:8/10Difficulty:6/10Added:12.05.21Author: mindscrub

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Janet (13 May 2021, 1:46) complain
Very nice - thank you :))
Chorton (13 May 2021, 14:23) complain
Oh Boy..I just can't do any more of these 'forever scrolling' type puzzles...I think they are clever, but so time consuming and tedious to make it frustrating. Thank you any way.
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msat (18 May 2021, 4:23) complain
I have to agree with you on this one. I actually resorted to filling in a couple of lines in their entirety and hitting Check the Crossword to get the corrections. I just wasn't able to walk away but was going to go crazy trying to complete it.
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Author mindscrub (20 May 2021, 18:31) complain
That's fair, I guess. It took me forever to design this one; I squished the width down a lot (10 columns) and had to add clouds to make it solvable. Then many iterations to make the solution hard. But it is still pretty wide. I prefer the narrow dimension to be 15 or less. But it was needed as a tribute to Russia. I admit to not having tried to solve it myself, and I generally solve all my own puzzles.
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msat (20 May 2021, 22:19) complain
I thought nono-nono's suggestion on one of your other puzzles was brilliant -- taking a screen shot of the numbers at the top (or at the side for a horizontal puzzle) greatly reduces the scrolling and helps keep tedium at bay, and I wish I had had that tip before attempting this one. There's something I find really appealing about these long puzzles, even when they get annoying. :)
Rooks (19 November 2021, 19:59) complain
Suggestions to solve this puzzle: 1. As Msat pointed out, take a screen shot of the numbers at top and print them out, to cross them off one at a time as you solve it (can be tedious). 2. If you have the capabilities, turn a rectangular monitor, so it length is running up and down and this helps eliminate scrolling. 3. Don't waste too much time on this puzzle and use the hints and then guess. Good luck!

For the Author: Perhaps consider making the clouds a little more 'Puffy' they currently resemble large ink blobs
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