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Japanese crossword «Waiter»

Size: 10x14Picture:7/10Difficulty:4/10Added:22.11.21Author: mindscrub

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ririshus (23 November 2021, 0:41) complain
I like it!
The-Nono-Gram (23 November 2021, 0:45) complain
Thank you, mindscrub for a puzzle that newbies can appreciate both for its ease of working and a fun result.
FaithCat (23 November 2021, 1:14) complain
fun : )
elftrees (23 November 2021, 1:53) complain
Clever cartooning: bringing a figure down to an absolute minimum.
Alicia_Butcher_Ehrhardt (23 November 2021, 2:40) complain
Can't wait for him to get here.
3strikesurout (23 November 2021, 4:46) complain
Oh my goodness, this is very well done! Even though the puzzle is easy, it definitely takes some thinking to get all the segments filled in, and it certainly doesn't rely on overlapping segments, which is great! As for the picture, it uses up what could likely be the minimum number of spaces to sufficiently express the subject matter.

Overall rating: Wait, did I just have an ultracritical moment?
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Author mindscrub (23 November 2021, 9:09) complain
Yes, a UC moment indeed, 3strikes! Thanks for the glowing review. And thanks UC for the confirmation. I know nearly every puzzle ends up rated 1.5 or 2 stars on this site, but I for one found this very hard for the size. The moderators rejected my first draft, and I saw no way to fix it, so I moved it to my rejected folder and was trying to forget about it when inspiration hit me for how to fix it. I'm glad I tried; the revision is much better. Overall, I have to hand it to the moderators; they inspire me to do better work. It's really tough to get small puzzles past the moderators!
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wbatten (23 November 2021, 17:12) complain
I was unaware that the puzzles were curated by moderators! I've been doing them for years, blissfully unaware of my puzzle gods over seeing the entire process...

Thanks for all your puzzles mindscrub, and thank you to the moderators!
ati (23 November 2021, 20:27) complain
I'm no way an expert on nonograms but I found it kind of hard for its size. Which means you have done a great job, because I can't stand puzzles that are hard because of their size.
ultracritical (23 November 2021, 7:04) complain
Seems like my work has already been done. Thanks for the puzzle mindscrub!
Specky1 (23 November 2021, 20:01) complain
All very interesting :-)
ati (23 November 2021, 20:25) complain
Love it.
HeatherF (23 November 2021, 23:20) complain
I agree with all the glowing commentary here, especially since it takes this great little puzzle on its own merits, rather than giving a critique that amounts to this puzzle is too small. I choose to do mostly tiny and small puzzles, because that's what fits best on my laptop screen, and any tiny puzzle that takes me more than 3 min is clearly a treasure.
lowwhistler (24 November 2021, 2:45) complain
And the steam coming off the tray - brilliant!
wisekaren (24 November 2021, 20:36) complain
Agree all around - fun image and not overly easy. Well done, again!
dakbiryo (25 November 2021, 8:49) complain
so interesting. please more puzzle!
greghafa (26 November 2021, 20:50) complain
"Who is cool and has two thumbs? This guy!" is what I saw. Not sure where the "steam" fit into my vision, but there it is.

And it is pleasingly tough for its size. Took me 10 minutes without x's.
Al-e (29 November 2021, 0:18) complain
Fun, thank you
Roar (29 November 2021, 18:15) complain
Good 4 stars from me
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