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Japanese crossword «Chelsea F.C.»

Size: 25x30Picture:7/10Difficulty:5/10Added:02.03.23Author: mindscrub

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Janet (3 March 2023, 2:26) complain
Very nice - thank you :))
gutless (3 March 2023, 2:47) complain
Blue should be the colour.
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Author mindscrub (3 March 2023, 8:15) complain
Well, yes, but they don't allow single-color nonograms; they insist on making them black. Also, you can't make just a tiny part a second color (a small part should be red) -- they say you have to do more than just a little bit in in the second color. So I had to go with black.
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John_Robertshaw (3 March 2023, 14:12) complain
Dear mindscrub - there are football clubs outside London, don't you know?
gutless (3 March 2023, 16:16) complain
By no means was my comment intended as a criticism. I appreciate the constraints that the puzzle artists need to adhere to. I truly enjoyed the challenge and the image and was merely making a thoughtful comment relating to the subject. Cheers!
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Author mindscrub (3 March 2023, 19:07) complain
No, I get it. It irks me that they insist all one-color puzzles be black; there is no reason for that at all. And it irks me that they won't let you use just a little bit of a second color; again, no reason. I think it is just because they want to support the purity of the black&white nonograms.
andy11 (3 March 2023, 11:10) complain
Clear, precise image.
Thenemex (4 March 2023, 0:46) complain
Excellent !
Midrange difficulty, done in 26min. without advanced tricks :-)
kaatjeflipse (20 July 2023, 14:26) complain
dengizhan (19 January 2024, 6:47) complain
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