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Japanese crossword «Cro-Magnon vs Neanderthal»

Size: 120x100Picture:9/10Difficulty:7/10Added:29.04.23Author: Ayzhana

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NonaWax (30 April 2023, 20:10) complain
finished in four hours over a few sittings, biggest crossword I've ever done! So I'm not sure how hard it is relative to other large crosswords.
isapir (2 May 2023, 23:32) complain
Beautiful Picture, loved the challenge!
wildt (3 May 2023, 19:07) complain
tbturker (4 May 2023, 12:54) complain
It took 5:20 hrs, with some breaks. Although it was big and little difficult, I enjoyed solving this one. The resulting picture is awesome. Thanks.
stefanocase (4 May 2023, 14:42) complain
I loved it!
bisondele (6 May 2023, 0:25) complain
MASSIVE waste of time. First the image isn't even that good. Second there was nothing specifically detailed about the image that it couldn't have been conveyed just the same on a smaller grid.

Another worthless author to skip just like Laridae and imari13.
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sallyannlady (6 May 2023, 5:36) complain
What puzzle were YOU doing?
sstjeb (21 September 2023, 4:31) complain
Hmmmm. Then maybe nonograms aren't for you.

I don't agree with your opinion that this great picture could have been done just as well on a smaller grid.
sallyannlady (6 May 2023, 5:35) complain
8:55:08, even WITH the Xs. Fantastic picture- well done!!
Dukeofprunes (8 June 2023, 20:01) complain
5h 38m 20s
Kya (22 June 2023, 16:20) complain
3hrs 33mins which i thought was quite impressive! Another great picture
HanjieMaster (1 July 2023, 13:44) complain
Although it was enormous, it was relatively easy. The only problem being having to scroll up and down for the columns. Nice resulting picture.
AlekeiTeno (9 July 2023, 9:20) complain
Tres horas con dos minutos, una buena forma de pasar el rato.
logicdude61 (31 August 2023, 23:14) complain
4:38+...I'll take it, took it at a leisurely pace...nice pic
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