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Japanese crossword «Cigarette break»

Size: 30x30Picture:8/10Difficulty:5/10Added:11.08.19Author: ReinerZufall

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FaithCat (12 August 2019, 6:53) complain
Enjoyed! Reply
Guest: John (12 August 2019, 11:06) complain
Surprise at the end! Reply
Corpore (14 August 2019, 10:01) complain
Very good Reply
Mikey (16 August 2019, 0:50) complain
respectfully, should be rated +18 - at least in US regions Reply
Guest: SlickVick (16 August 2019, 19:37) complain
Didn't really like the subject matter. Reply
lenny_kouwenberg (17 August 2019, 1:09) complain
Again, such an evocative picture. And I wondered the entire time what that lonely orange dot was going to be. Reply
Guest: rebel (18 August 2019, 23:12) complain
This was so cool and refreshing after all the flowers and birds. Thank you! Reply
T_Rex (30 August 2019, 23:31) complain
I find it amusing that some may find smoking offensive when there are far worse things in life to be offended by. Reply
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Carol_Colbert (14 September 2019, 22:25) complain
Lung cancer really s*cks when you get it from second-hand smoke. Reply
Guest: Guest (7 October 2019, 2:10) complain
You wouldn't be laughing if you had an asthma attack because some idiot couldn't go without a smoke. Smoking doesn't just affect the person who choses to do it. Reply
Catgirl (27 October 2019, 3:56) complain
Have any of you ever wondered how many people get killed by wars?
I don’t smoke but a big part of the last century it was normal to smoke. Advertisement almost gave people the feeling that there was something wrong if you didn’t smoke. Reply
Vivicare (22 September 2019, 2:27) complain
Nice one. Different, interesting! Reply
magis (17 October 2019, 16:47) complain
well done puzzle! Reply

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