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Japanese crossword «Butterfly»

Size: 28x13Picture:7/10Difficulty:6/10Added:06.09.19Author: Em_Tess

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The-Gram (7 September 2019, 9:09) complain
This is a little on the tricky side, but well worth it. Very good use of negative space. The result is quite stunning. Thank you Em_Tess. I believe this is the first of your puzzles I have done. I will be sure to be on the lookout for more. Reply
marina_vrdoljak (7 September 2019, 9:55) complain
The colors weren't interesting at first but the end result was impressive. Reply
Corpore (7 September 2019, 14:17) complain
Impressive Reply
Piscesdan (7 September 2019, 22:00) complain
pretty cool. But the yellows were a bit tricky to distinguish. Reply
stasco (8 September 2019, 12:04) complain
While the average time is 7 minutes, this one took me 29 minutes to solve... I have to get better on this :P nice pic btw Reply
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JayH (9 September 2019, 17:07) complain
Don't worry about beating the "average" time - you have no idea what hints or shortcuts other people might have taken that you didn't. :) Reply
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LouisCanard (5 December 2019, 18:39) complain
If it's any consolation, the "average" time is up to 13 minutes, just three months later. Reply
GulfCoastGuppy (8 September 2019, 23:47) complain
Very nice! Reply
Guest: dH_ (18 September 2019, 0:44) complain
difficult to distinguish between yellow colors Reply
smartymarty (20 September 2019, 11:32) complain
I thought it was slightly difficult, but not too bad - but I don't like the image so much I'm afraid Reply
magis (7 November 2019, 10:14) complain
Tricky and so worth the effort. Lovely use of negative space. Reply
Jak25 (14 November 2019, 19:25) complain
I liked the challenging aspect of the puzzle, but the image was a bit lacking =( Reply
munkin (18 January 2020, 23:17) complain
I enjoyed this, even though the process seemed tedious from time to time (lots of counting!). Beautiful result! Reply
Merl (21 January 2020, 4:42) complain
Quite pretty! Reply

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