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Japanese crossword «Flower»

Size: 15x16Picture:8/10Difficulty:4/10Added:11.02.20Author: Elvaneyl

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Chorton (12 February 2020, 2:55) complain
Oh dear Reply
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The-Gram (13 February 2020, 0:51) complain
I'm with you on this. I am not a fan of using colors just because. Arina is probably the best artist when in comes to the correct use of color. In, my opinion, any way. Reply
GulfCoastGuppy (12 February 2020, 5:15) complain
Hmmm Reply
room138 (12 February 2020, 10:40) complain
I love this image! The colour gradiation looks very nice from afar. Reply
B_Duncan (13 February 2020, 7:05) complain
Lovely! A Kniphofia uvaria Reply
Lorniebelle (13 February 2020, 18:23) complain
It's quite beautiful in the thumbnail. Reply
draigrygbi (14 February 2020, 23:14) complain
Pretty! Reply
munkin (20 February 2020, 23:16) complain
Not my fave, but a decent puzzle & interesting result. Reply
AniW (29 February 2020, 1:53) complain
Well aren’t some of us the botanist critics? These colors reminded me of Hawaiian tropical, torch ginger and others. Dramatic colors yes, but not over the top in some flowers. Thanks for sharing your efforts. Reply
ZSST (4 March 2020, 17:45) complain
puzzles you got there! Reply
mmcaronisoup (6 March 2020, 0:12) complain
very pretty! thank you :) Reply
Guest: Leopardmask (10 March 2020, 18:54) complain
I'm not personally a fan of pictures with an outline to begin with - it adds an unnecessary wrinkle in figuring out where to start. In this case, the outline doesn't add comprehensibility to the image, which is hard to discern even with the title. It also doesn't help that this is possibly the most overdone subject matter on the site, so there are plenty of better examples of the subject floating around. Reply
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nemo11 (21 March 2020, 19:34) complain
Woah! Reply
Guest: klind (15 March 2020, 9:56) complain
this is nice! Reply
nemo11 (21 March 2020, 19:35) complain
Fun to do and so rewarding! Thanks! Reply
fbviana95 (24 March 2020, 4:57) complain
Lovely Reply

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