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Japanese crossword «Blue nurse»

Size: 71x108Picture:9/10Difficulty:8/10Added:15.10.20Author: krisk78

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Ahahanita (16 October 2020, 2:00) complain
Did not expect to find porn here.
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rb1976 (20 October 2020, 9:43) complain
This is no porn, just a topless nurse !
Tonste (16 October 2020, 17:22) complain
Is there a better way to do these than endlessly scrolling? Really enjoy large nonograms but think I'm getting RSI with all the scrolling
Author krisk78 (17 October 2020, 1:38) complain
@Ahahanita pay attention to 18+ flag
@Tonste use the full screen feature from cross at the up right corner. Scroll down by maintaining left button on mouse and click the arrow at the top left.
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Phil_Jackson (17 October 2020, 3:10) complain
F11 gives you a full screen without even the title bar.
Tonste (17 October 2020, 3:31) complain
i've tried using the full screen feature from the top right - but i can't scroll down through any time of holding the left mouse button?
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Tonste (17 October 2020, 3:32) complain
any time = any type
Author krisk78 (17 October 2020, 12:01) complain
Maintain left button click. Once color disappears drag down or up the mouse. Since the up part of the puzzle disappears of the screen the arrow is displayed at the top left. Click on it to freeze it.
JV08 (17 October 2020, 13:55) complain
That is certainly the most realistic one I've every done! :o
jesus22 (18 October 2020, 12:19) complain
como esta la nurse!!!
yesyesnono (18 October 2020, 21:50) complain
This was a challenge, but, wow, totally worth the time (and patience!). Or should I say, patients? lol Sorry not sorry for the bad pun. Looking forward to more of your puzzles @krisk78 !
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