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Japanese crossword «Leonid Il'ich Brezhnev»

Size: 28x30Picture:8/10Difficulty:5/10Added:10.07.21Author: MASA_at_Home

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1Galina (11 July 2021, 13:17) complain
Very funny and similar cartoon.
And the gesture is characteristic.
But Brezhnev did not put his hand behind his back.
This was done by Tsar Nicholas II)))
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Author MASA_at_Home (11 July 2021, 17:11) complain
Thank you.
I didn't know any information about the hand.
It was information that could not be known only from the image information collected by Google.
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1Galina (12 July 2021, 12:06) complain
Of course, you might not have known this!
I grew up under Brezhnev. And Tsar Nikolai II is a part of the history of my country, which we studied at school.
Thanks to your puzzles, I learned a lot of new interesting information. And I thought that you might be interested in my information too)))
Specky1 (12 July 2021, 19:59) complain
Carry on comrade :-)
RoseGold050 (21 July 2021, 10:15) complain
babsiep (11 February 2023, 12:47) complain
Very well done :)
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