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Japanese crossword «Rottweiler»

Size: 40x45Picture:9/10Difficulty:7/10Added:18.01.16Author: NOnim

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MEisHERE (17 July 2016, 23:21) complain
This picture is awesome. Problem is puzzle is tedious because of all the single squares. The greys and black are so similar I ended up having to use the option left click on number to get colour and just continually clicked along lines - no thought required. Glad I solved it for the picture but wouldn't recommend it for the puzzle itself
Tincan (29 April 2017, 23:17) complain
I agree with Me... beautiful picture but not really worth the time, and the black/dark grey were seriously irritating to deal with.
Jolanda_Smeets (20 September 2017, 17:43) complain
Very beautiful!
FellHarbor (23 April 2019, 19:47) complain
I really wish I'd read the comments before starting. lol It is a very beautifully detailed image, but I agree completely with MEisHERE and TIncan - it isn't worth the time and tediousness. The blacks and greys are too close in color, and there are so many single color changes. I wish someone had done this for me, so for those who don't want to complete the puzzle but are interested, the picture is a Rottweiler (dog) .
xanavrin (15 April 2020, 21:50) complain
The two darkest shades being very similar made this very tricky, but it's very beautiful^^
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