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Japanese crossword «Wizzrobe (Legend of Zelda)»

Size: 14x16Picture:5/10Difficulty:3/10Added:24.04.24Author: lukinator

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RagnarokB1980 (25 April 2024, 1:23) complain
Great picture, with bad flashbacks to how annoying these things were :D
mrneil6 (25 April 2024, 1:36) complain
One of the characters I was never able to get a picture approved of... glad to see he is finally representing!
AnimeOtaku26 (25 April 2024, 11:28) complain
I thought it was Wobuffet until I saw the title. I don't really know anything about Legend of Zelda so I don't actually know who (what?) this is.
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Kriller (26 April 2024, 1:17) complain
Looks like a ghost enemy from the first game probably
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AnimeOtaku26 (8 May 2024, 14:57) complain
hag (26 April 2024, 7:18) complain
Pretty good! Colors are a bit off, but other than that, the image is very accurate. Then again, the poor colors could be attributed to you making it accurate to a crappy CRT display. Odd choice of nonogram, though.
Landoneatsfood (10 May 2024, 0:10) complain
One of the best I've done!
Kasting (10 June 2024, 11:49) complain
You can beat the original game without getting a sword (except for the final boss where you need the master sword) Once you get the magic wand, it is the equivalent of the white sword, but better because you don't lose projectiles when you are below max health. The hard part is sneaking into level and grabbing it while avoiding the wizards. It's not that dangerous to go alone if you know how, the key is the blue candle and It's a secret to everybody free rupees
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