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Japanese crossword «Lady Jessica Atreides (Dune 1992)»

Size: 125x180Picture:9/10Difficulty:7/10Added:27.04.24Author: Headrock

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Spiros (1 May 2024, 11:38) complain
Great portrait ...!!!.
Thank you ...!!!.
rhymeswithmike (15 May 2024, 4:36) complain
This is probably the most beautiful picture I've done on this site. The size made it difficult, but other than that it wasn't hard to figure out. Thanks!
agchuck (11 June 2024, 21:47) complain
Gorgeous picture! I guess lifted from that old Dune game. :D The puzzle was straightforward, kind of paint-by-numbers in a lot of places. The hardest part is just keeping the rows and columns correct. But this was fun to do. Thanks!
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