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Welcome to the site Nonograms.org!

Our site is fully dedicated to Japanese crosswords (nonograms). Japanese crosswords is a very fascinating kind of graphic crosswords, which develops logic, creative thinking and erudition.

On the site there are catalogues of black and white and colour Japanese crosswords. We guarantee our crosswords, that all of them have no mistakes and have only one solution achieved without any "guessing". You can print out any crossword or do Japanese crossword puzzles on-line (free, no registration) on the site, as you like. Also on the site we have "smart" hints (they open the squares only following the rules of solving Japanese crosswords), and for the registered users an option to save crosswords is available.
All in all we only wish you to have a great pastime as we did our best for you personally.

Black and white Japanese crosswords

Colour Japanese crosswords

The latest news of the site

5 January 2016 | Changes on the site
On the page of crossword solution there has been added an option to cancel a move (it is possible to cancel only the moves made in the current session).

26 December 2015 | Changes on the site
At numerous requests, operation of the option "hide crossword titles" has been changed. Titles of unsolved crosswords are now hidden by default. There has been added a message with a suggestion to switch on showing crossword titles.

29 November 2015 | There has been launched registration on the site
There has been launched registration on the site. Saved crosswords and marks "solved" are now kept on the site and are available only after registration. Previously saved crosswords (which are now kept in the browser) can be transferred to the site in the personal account.
Other important changes:
1) On the page of crossword solution there appeared new options: "Switch on crossing out numbers automatically", "Fill the solved columns and lines with crosses", "The last crossed out number fills in the line/column with crosses" and "Switch on changing color by a click". Now there has been added the button "Mark the crossword as solved". The saved crosswords are presently downloaded automatically. There has been added representation of the author of the crossword.
2) There have been added titles of the Japanese crosswords and also a possibility to hide them.
3) On the site there appeared a new section: "Not rated". In this section there will be new crosswords waiting to be published in the main section. If a crossword in this section gets bad rates from the users it will be removed from the site.
4) Comments to the crosswords are now published immediately. There has been added a possibility to rate the crossword without comments.
5) For registered users there has appeared the option "Hide solved crosswords" on the search page.
6) Speed on downloading the pages must be increased now due to the use of CDN technologies.

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