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Japanese crossword «Squirrel»

Size: 40x30Picture:8/10Difficulty:5/10Added:06.12.18Author: Shcherbatkina

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Minky (7 December 2018, 3:00) complain
Chubby & cute =) Reply
John_Robertshaw (7 December 2018, 15:16) complain
Excellent Reply
Sheryl_Hill (7 December 2018, 18:31) complain
Beautiful and not what I expected! Very well done! Thank you!!! Spasibo!!! Reply
Risus_Khan (7 December 2018, 18:38) complain
Cuty Reply
deidaq (7 December 2018, 19:11) complain
Cute! Reply
Janet (8 December 2018, 5:11) complain
Very nice - thank you :)) Reply
Puzzled (8 December 2018, 7:40) complain
Well Done Reply
pandaonaroll (8 December 2018, 11:49) complain
didn't know what I was making until the very end! well done! Reply
Corpore (8 December 2018, 12:11) complain
Very good, thank you Reply
ioannis (11 December 2018, 17:02) complain
very nice Reply
Femme_Appeal (12 December 2018, 10:47) complain
Yet another gorgeous image from Shcherbatkina. Though I do think it must be said...

This appears to be the body of a chipmunk with a squirrel's tail. Chipmunks don't have big fluffy tails and squirrels aren't this chubby and round in the body, and are (even in the winter) quite long and lithe. When they stand on their hind legs, squirrels bodies are shaped like that of a meerkat or teeny kangaroo. :)

Admittedly there are other species than those I've seen - both at home and in various parts of the U.S. - but what's interesting is that almost without exception, the breeds of squirrels that are more rounded in body like that, have thinner tails like a chipmunk, not the thick, fluffy, curling tail we associate with squirrels. A notable exception being fox squirrels which can end up so fat and bulbous that they look like a beaver in an orange squirrel costume.
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Shaggz (28 January 2019, 11:18) complain
You've never seen rounded or chubby squirrels?

While I can sorta see the chipmunk aspect of this, it looks fine for a squirrel. Reply
Code_Master (22 April 2019, 20:25) complain
You should visit Toronto. Lots of, uhm, well fed, squirrels. Reply
Jose_Duran_Granados (15 December 2018, 8:48) complain
Good Reply

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