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Japanese crossword «Birthday»

Size: 25x15Picture:8/10Difficulty:6/10Added:30.04.19Author: tut

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Very good one - tough, cute, and the title is very apt. Reply
jan_swiderski (1 May 2019, 0:42) complain
At first I thought it was a guy in a canoe, but a chick works too I guess :)
Guest: BC11 (1 May 2019, 1:30) complain
I guess that's a just hatched chick with the shell pieces on either side. Or is it a baby sitting on a huge blow up banana? Or maybe a Mexican hat?
Anyway - thanks for making the puzzle. Reply
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Guest: liz (1 May 2019, 7:17) complain
I love the puzzle and I love the title! Sweet! Reply
Corpore (1 May 2019, 9:26) complain
Funny Reply
Corey_Oltman (2 May 2019, 20:18) complain
This was a toughie, but the result was well worth it. What a great picture Reply
GulfCoastGuppy (3 May 2019, 0:40) complain
Just difficult enough to make it challenging...and the result is very cute! Reply
lizizno1 (3 May 2019, 11:48) complain
Not what I expected :-) Fun to solve! Reply
Guest: LiaD (6 May 2019, 1:45) complain
Challenging but doable Reply
Guest: meow (6 May 2019, 22:58) complain
Tough one, makes you think. Thanks. Reply
MoiIndeed (7 May 2019, 8:26) complain
Ha! I worked it from the bottom up and I was convinced it was a lotus flower right up until the end. Reply
JulieStraw (8 May 2019, 9:52) complain
Couldn’t work out how to mark empty squares Reply
Jarrod (10 May 2019, 9:19) complain
Yep, good level of difficulty on this one. Thank you. I also thought it was a flower until the last few squares were done. Reply
Alyaa (11 May 2019, 17:20) complain
Quite difficult but very worthy! Thanks :D Reply
Pablodibu (15 May 2019, 18:29) complain
Hard to guess until the end. Even solved it's not clear. Reply
ggg (18 May 2019, 9:39) complain
This title of this one is very creative. Yay for it not being called
. Reply
loneecho (8 June 2019, 15:39) complain
Such a cute chick! Reply
smartymarty (13 July 2019, 10:44) complain
well done tut! A very good small puzzle! Reply
Guest: Richie (19 July 2019, 10:20) complain
That is super cute. And a good challenge. Thanks. Reply
The-Gram (21 July 2019, 8:13) complain
Just when I thought I'd never get it, everything came together. Reply
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The-Gram (21 July 2019, 8:18) complain
And what a GREAT title. It took me a second to get it. Reply
Susagger2 (16 August 2019, 3:17) complain
Very clever! Thank you. Reply

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