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Japanese crossword «Pineapple»

Size: 25x45Picture:7/10Difficulty:7/10Added:04.06.19Author: maxvic

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Little_H (5 June 2019, 15:32) complain
This was a good logical challenge. Thank you Reply
keyrow (6 June 2019, 17:48) complain
that was f*** hard!! Reply
Guest: BC11 (7 June 2019, 2:44) complain
Thanks. Nice Challenging puzzle and a good image. Reply
emmadaiou28 (10 June 2019, 4:22) complain
Good challenge from beginning to end! :) Reply
beckzaca (10 June 2019, 16:52) complain
I like the image, I did not like the puzzle though! Reply
Corpore (16 June 2019, 13:43) complain
Animaver (20 June 2019, 2:43) complain
so satisfying to finish! Reply
xowl (19 July 2019, 22:19) complain
I remain convinced, as I was from about halfway through, that it is a ceremonial fright mask depicting the first moments of a grenade exploding (the eye holes are wide set around row 24 and the mouth around row 40), but I sometimes feel that way about actual pineapples, so it is certainly not a criticism. Very fun! Reply

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