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Japanese crossword «Greatest Hangover Breakfast»

Size: 26x17Picture:8/10Difficulty:4/10Added:29.01.18Author: pozeczkowa

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wrobcia (30 January 2018, 1:56) complain
Like the idea - best title :D Reply
Sheryl_Hill (30 January 2018, 2:20) complain
Welcome, Martina! We are finally getting some non-Russian-speaking artists! So good to have you! Great job on the picture! Excellent use of negative space, contrasting colors, interesting image. Thank you! Reply
Luiz (30 January 2018, 3:05) complain
I think Martina is hungry Reply
Sheryl_Hill (30 January 2018, 4:38) complain
Good point, Luiz! Reply
Author pozeczkowa (30 January 2018, 9:38) complain
I am always hungry! Thank you guys for nice comments, will continue that, I kind of enjoy it - and 5 weeks ago I didn't even knew what is nonogram at all! Reply
Corpore (30 January 2018, 12:37) complain
Welcome!!! Reply
korzunka (30 January 2018, 15:17) complain
love this one(and the title) ;)

Great job Martina! Reply
leslieking (30 January 2018, 17:50) complain
god, I could go for a hangover breakfast right now. Margarita's that have a one per person limit will make you remember it the next day. Reply
Lizzie (1 February 2018, 20:24) complain
I'm lovin' it! Reply
GraceS (2 February 2018, 4:40) complain
Ha ha, at first I thought maybe it was a castle? Then I realized, no, more like White Castle!
Love what you did with the Golden Arches, Martina! Reply
Jose_Duran_Granados (2 February 2018, 9:56) complain
Good Reply
sallyg (2 February 2018, 10:41) complain
This was really fun - great job, Martina! Reply
Rakella (2 February 2018, 11:37) complain
La torre de un castillo?? No!! El resultado es sorprendente. Gracias!! Reply
Alyaa (2 February 2018, 16:38) complain
Ahah XD Fortunately, I've just eat something, so I'm good, but thanks anyway :D Reply
Alyaa (2 February 2018, 17:14) complain
Oh! I didn't pay attention to the title, it's so funny! Well done! ;P Reply
swford (2 February 2018, 20:27) complain
Thanks, GraceS! I didn't catch the golden arches at first! Hahaha! This is soooo great! Way better than cold pizza for a hangover breakfast!

Keep up the good work, Martina! Reply
skarabee (8 February 2018, 23:48) complain
sympa !! Reply
hotmailjen (6 May 2018, 10:31) complain
Good one. Fun to do Reply
AniW (8 January 2019, 12:50) complain
fun title and I was impressed by the fact that you had just started making puzzles. also how much the other artists encourage and appreciate your effort. To any of you, how do you get started making nonograms??? Any tips appreciated! Andrea Reply

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