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Japanese crossword «The tale of the fisherman and the fish»

Size: 35x30Picture:10/10Difficulty:6/10Added:05.06.18Author: PolN0vik

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stelkam (6 June 2018, 8:19) complain
Tells a story, and this is rare.
Still not that clear to me after being solved, only after reading a title ;-) Reply
Guest: PolN0vik (6 June 2018, 11:53) complain
Drawing on the tale of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, who was born on June 6, 1799.

The old man returned to the seashore,
Where the blue waves were frolicking lightly.
He called out aloud for the goldfish,
And the goldfish swam up and demanded:
«What is it, old man, you are wanting?»

(«The tale of the fisherman and the fish»)
Read the whole tale in two languages on the website «duotales.com»:

Рисунок по сказке великого русского поэта, Александра Сергеевича Пушкина, который родился 6 июня 1799 года.

Вот пошел он к синему морю;
Видит — море слегка разыгралось.
Стал он кликать золотую рыбку,
Приплыла к нему рыбка и спросила:
«Чего тебе надобно, старче?»

(«Сказка о рыбаке и рыбке»)
Прочитайте всё сказку на двух языках на сайте «duotales.com»:
http://www.duotales.com/skazki/сказка-о-рыбаке-и-золотой-рыбке/ Reply
wildt (6 June 2018, 16:36) complain
incredible! and thank u for the story Reply
swford (6 June 2018, 21:15) complain
Great story! And Happy Birthday, Alexander Pushkin! Reply
ndhHardy (7 June 2018, 0:15) complain
Wonderful, thanks for the story. Your pictures are always so fascinating. Reply
Carol_Dorry (8 June 2018, 6:56) complain
Beautiful puzzle. Fantastic use of negative space. Reply
Corpore (8 June 2018, 14:57) complain
Excellent, as usual Reply
seirramist25 (15 June 2018, 0:54) complain
Beautiful color scheme! Reply
saggi (15 June 2018, 13:44) complain
nice :] Reply
MsSwifty (18 June 2018, 4:55) complain
A bit hard to solve but worth it - beautiful picture with great use of negative space, and a wonderful back story. Loved it! Reply
Maluca (20 June 2018, 0:46) complain
Cuentos que nos contaban cuando eramos niños y no había TV ni Internet. Gracias por el recuerdo Reply
Ahahanita (22 July 2018, 10:09) complain
I so love your pictures, real work of art. Reply
David_King (29 July 2018, 20:35) complain
Great picture, and thank you for the explanation! Reply
Guest: mogada (18 September 2018, 3:19) complain
I love your puzzles. Reply

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