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Japanese crossword «Coldly»

Size: 45x27Picture:7/10Difficulty:7/10Added:08.02.19Author: Elena

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LisaSimpsonOH (9 February 2019, 2:17) complain
I think I need an explanation of the middle. Reply
Puzzled (9 February 2019, 3:42) complain
Also need explanation. Puzzle takes a long time for ??? Reply
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Author Elena (22 February 2019, 19:35) complain
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Author Elena (22 February 2019, 19:36) complain
Lisi Martin spanish artist Reply
GraceS (9 February 2019, 4:27) complain
I love the shading, but there's just not enough detail here to make out what this is. I see an angel with a lightning rod, flanked by two robins that are kind of shaped like penguins? It looks like they're huddling together for warmth? Reply
Alyaa (9 February 2019, 18:32) complain
I wondered too, but then I search on the internet
and I found an idiom or expression saying: "Robins appear when angels are near". Maybe the picture's related to that :)
Great picture anyway, thanks Elena! Reply
elftrees (11 February 2019, 2:04) complain
Sorry, Elena- I too did not quite 'get'the picture. Is it an angel in the middle?a lot of work for some confusion. Reply
swford (11 February 2019, 20:33) complain
Lots of single squares. A few of the colors are so similar, they are a little tricky to differentiate.
Thank you, Alyaa, for looking up the expression! I see the picture now and think it's really sweet. Reply
Guest: meow (13 February 2019, 22:53) complain
Not very difficult, lots of individual blocks, so a bit time consuming. The centre isn't clear to me. Reply
Katburn (16 February 2019, 8:14) complain
the picture is hard to make out, but it's a cute idea! Reply

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