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Japanese crossword «Pikachu»

Size: 19x20Picture:7/10Difficulty:4/10Added:10.06.19Author: JokeIsPasta

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Guest: anonymous (10 June 2019, 23:24) complain
Not a pokemon fan
B_Duncan (11 June 2019, 9:45) complain
Easier to see in the thumbnail. Reply
Minky (11 June 2019, 9:59) complain
My favourite Pokemon =) Reply
The-Gram (12 June 2019, 3:23) complain
Nice puzzle. Reply
hunnydub (13 June 2019, 1:03) complain
such a great 3D picture! Great job! I didn't know until the end! Reply
Corpore (13 June 2019, 15:50) complain
Fine Reply
marina_vrdoljak (14 June 2019, 19:49) complain
Hilary Clinton: Go to the polls Reply
Nonowahn (15 June 2019, 13:41) complain
I came from older sites to the newest ones because there were too much Pokémon... I don't believe in Pokémon and for me they look like colored...! This one looks a bit better. I can see a yellow squirrel in it.
FellHarbor (18 June 2019, 19:36) complain
Very cute! To those hating on the subject matter, it might be worth noting that
a lot of people (myself included) first learned about Nonograms through the Pokemon version on the Nintendo 3DS.
That aside, if you are enjoying a puzzle, it shouldn't really matter the image at the end. If you're NOT enjoying a puzzle, don't do it. I'm certainly tired of doing mushroom and fruit puzzles, but if they're fun to complete, I get over it. This is a free site for you; stop griping over subject matter. Reply
Giuliano (20 June 2019, 14:01) complain
Very well made and quite challenging! Reply
xmee78 (22 June 2019, 20:32) complain
missed old days when the games have this sprites! ^^ Reply
Rooks (29 August 2019, 1:15) complain
I like the unique angle of the picture. Reply

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