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Japanese crossword «Jerboa»

Size: 20x25Picture:6/10Difficulty:4/10Added:15.09.10

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Guest: meg2265 (30 November 2014, 5:29) complain
i dont even know what it is supposed to be. an animal pooping? Reply
Guest: Helmi (22 March 2015, 2:17) complain
Yep. Easter Bunny with antlers having diarrhea in the snow. Reply
Guest: Mouse (22 March 2015, 2:45) complain
Nice! Reply
Guest: abc (26 March 2015, 19:40) complain
Not a rabbit or a mouse… but some kind of rodent, I imagine from a desert somewhere... Reply
Guest: puzzlesolver (21 April 2015, 17:02) complain
Looks like a kangaroo rat to me Reply
Guest: science yo (15 June 2015, 8:53) complain
jerboa- a hopping desert rodent. looks like a mouse rabbit kangaroo hybrid. Reply
Guest: Jackalope (2 November 2015, 17:16) complain
It's a Jackalope, a cryptid native to Wyoming. Reply
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pup4ever (12 December 2018, 6:53) complain
I wanted it to be a Jackalope too... But they do not have that type of tail. Reply
sanda10 (10 September 2016, 20:41) complain
Like original! Thanks! I know now what Jerboa is! Reply
swford (12 December 2017, 2:49) complain
Poor guy needs some Pepto Bismol. Reply
hotmailjen (1 April 2018, 16:37) complain
Strange looking critter Reply
Kiley_Hardin (2 June 2018, 17:34) complain
Ahhhhh~ the hopping desert rodent~ Ugly little critters IRL Reply

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