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Japanese crossword «Coffee mill»

Size: 31x33Picture:9/10Difficulty:5/10Added:09.05.16Author: Arina

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Maluca (1 June 2016, 2:54) complain
Una antigьedad. Funciona sin electricidad! Reply
Minchin (7 July 2016, 18:40) complain
The bottom part was is a "simple" rating but the top part has so much white space that it was quite difficult. Unless you want to play this like chess by imagining all the possible scenarios 15 moves ahead it's not possible to complete this one without some pure guessing. Reply
MEisHERE (12 August 2016, 7:31) complain
I disagree Minchin, had no trouble Reply
Corpore (26 August 2016, 9:25) complain
I had to guess Reply
Mabi_Gabi (14 November 2016, 15:00) complain
Nice picture. There's no need to guess, but the top of the instrument was quite challenging. It was really funny. Reply
sanda10 (9 February 2017, 15:33) complain
Nice and funny without guessing! Reply
LALAGRAM (25 February 2017, 21:57) complain
Nice pic Reply
Tincan (2 June 2017, 19:03) complain
Nice and different. Yeah, the top was challenging, but no need to guess. Reply
lylebot (7 January 2018, 19:06) complain
maybe Minchin has learned some new techniques since they left that comment! It's definitely not hard. Reply
Guest: Jen (2 February 2018, 16:09) complain
Enjoyable Reply
Guest: loxie (4 February 2018, 19:42) complain
once you get all the bottom bit, the top is pure logic, no guesswork needed Reply
bev (10 January 2019, 16:28) complain
loved the shadow effect!!! it was fairly simple with the dark brown as a starting point. but i still love it! Reply
Vivicare (20 June 2019, 22:37) complain
Sweet :). And not neccesary to guess Reply

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